Ben Abarbanel 

Ben Abarbanel was born and raised in Rehovot, Israel.

At the age of 16, Ben found photography as his biggest passion and began taking pictures for Israeli designers, magazines and fashion brands.

In 2015 Ben moved to NYC- the core of art and fashion, and started to develop and create his own photographic style during his studies at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan. At SVA, Ben took various courses related to Fashion Photography, Studio Lighting, and Fashion Masterclass among others.

Today, Ben is working as a Freelance Photographer specializing in Fashion, Editorial, Portraiture, and Beauty. Ben's work has been published in worldwide magazines and online platforms like Lucy's Magazine, Institute Magazine, VULKAN, MODE, Kaltblut, The NY Times style, HUF, ADON, Vanity Teen, and Male Model Scene.

As a young and innovative photographer, Ben has a "fresh" point of view and is constantly inspired from new industry developments.    


"Photography is how I preserve my emotions and share them with other people. Taking photos allows me to see the world differently. Like trying to find just the right angle, looking at a subject from any and all conceivable. I like photos to look natural. I want them to manifest the greatest intensity of the moment possible. Seeing a subject in the world with the potential to evoke emotion is something that, to me, is worth capturing. Attaining the ability to capture a moment of emotion is one of the most magnificent things. I am guided by my viewpoint in the world and my camera broadens that view. My photos mostly convey things that resonate in my mind. When formulating a photograph, I take from and work with my surroundings, manipulating every aspect. Part of what drives me is how
I can put any one or combination of things or people any way until I see solidarity. I lived free of solidarity for a long time. Being able to create that sense of harmony for myself is so fulfilling. And the state of serenity I am in when developing and printing photos is something I could not live without." 

Jon Cowan.